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Please make a generous financial donation today. Over the past many months the members of SLCCG have donated hundreds of hours of research and related activities. They have largely been self-funded but the conditions going forward now demand more financial resources than these few individuals can absorb. Their efforts have made a difference thus far:

  • The Environmental Assessment Worksheet originally submitted on May 19th remains as “incomplete” and is still under review
  • The Limited Area Star Lake Comprehensive Plan remains under review but is nearing completion
  • The Wetland Replacement Application remains “tabled” pending completion of the EAW
  • The Conditional Use Permit remains “tabled” pending completion of the EAW
  • The Federal Permit (Army Corps of Engineers) regarding the Clean Water Act is under review (public comments phase closed Nov 28.).

Each of these processes takes time and professional services to deal with. The professional services are costly and this is where your dollars can help right now.

Please donate today. Thank You. IT’S NOT A DONE DEAL!

You can donate by check at the address below:
P.O. Box 41
Dent, MN  56528

Or by credit/debit card via PayPal.

Donations to SLCCG are NOT tax deductible.