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WCA Wetland Replacement Application

Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners

Status: (as of 08/01/2016)
WCA Application to replace wetlands lost on Star Lake with wetlands in Becker and Roseau counties is tabled pending the environmental review process.

30-Day Public Comment Period:
Start Date: 06/22/2016
End Date: 07/29/2016

Wetland Replacement Application Summary:
The applicant has proposed to mitigate the loss of wetlands on Star Lake by utilizing the Wetland Banking program. The replacement wetlands are located in Becker County (for wetlands on fee land) and Roseau County (for wetlands on the tribal trust land).

For more information, as well as to view the supporting documents associated with this application, please refer to the OTC website Proposed Shooting Star Casino & Resort page.

Related Documents:

Below you will find links to the Notice of Application and attachments for the Shooting Star Casino - Star Lake Wetland Replacement Plan Application. Please take some time to go through these documents and make comments on any and all aspects of the application. The comment period has been extended to July 29, 2016 - so time is of the essence!

Wetland Conservation Act:  In most cases, the Wetland Conservation Act (WCA) requires that impacts to existing wetlands be mitigated by replacing the acreage and important wetland functions lost. In other words, a wetland may not be drained, filled, or in some cases excavated unless it is replaced with other wetland areas of at least equal public value. (Source:  BWSR WCA Forms and Guidance)

While the Wetland Conservation Act legally allows for wetland replacement, it is important to note that the replacement wetlands can be anywhere in the State of Minnesota -- they do not have to be in the same area as the wetlands lost. Thus, this plan does absolutely nothing for Star Lake to replace wetlands that will be destroyed and the potential damage caused by the loss of these important wetlands.