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Limited Area Star Lake Comprehensive Plan (LASLCP)

Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners

Status: (as of 01/04/2017)
Final version of the Limited Area Star Lake Comprehensive Plan (LASLCP) has been posted on the Otter Tail County website. For more info, see:
Link to OTC website | Link to 160 page PDF

Public Comment Period:
Comment Period - closed as of 09/28/2016

Study Update 12-30-2016

Per the LASLCP page of the OTC website:  Thank you to everyone that provided feedback on the Draft document presented through September 2016. Over the past few months we (OTC) have been working with the Plan stakeholders to review comments, discuss modifications, prepared implementation plan, and finalize the Plan document. Below is a link to the final version of the Limited Area Star Lake Comprehensive Plan. We (OTC) are very appreciative of the participation of the local residents, stakeholders, and White Earth Nation in the planning process and development of this document – Thank you.

Link to the final version of the Limited Area Star Lake Comprehensive Plan:  160 page PDF

For more information on the LASLCP, please refer to OTC website's LASLCP page.  LASLCP Timeline (as of 12/30/2016):

Otter Tail County - Limited Area Star Lake Comprehensive Plan
Schedule and Deliverables
Updated:  December 30, 2016

2016 12 30 laslcp timeline

CSAH 41 Relocation Feasibility Study:

The LASLCP recommended doing a feasibility study regarding traffic concerns. Per the meeting minutes from the September 20, 2016 OTC Board of Commissioners meeting: Public Works Director Rick West presented the CSAH 41 Relocation Feasibility study to consider moving CSAH 41 to the west from its current location as well as a review of this intersection at its present location. Mr. West also reported that MNDOT is conducting a scoping study for the existing CSAH 41 and Trunk Highway 108 intersection, and that data will be available for purposes of this feasibility study. Discussion was held with regard to current safety concerns at this intersection as well as the potential for increased traffic with the construction of the Star Lake Casino. Motion by Johnson, second by Lindquist, and unanimously carried to authorize appropriate County Officials’ signatures to execute an Agreement between the County of Otter Tail and SRF Consulting Group, Inc., for the CSAH 41 Relocation Feasibility Study. (Source:  OTC 09/20/2016 meeting minutes)