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How You Can Take Action:  Public Comment Periods

not a done deal sign sm02There will be a series of public comment periods that you can take action by sending your feedback on the Shooting Star - Star Lake Resort and Casino project. As these Public Comment Periods occur, this page will be updated with links to reference materials relating to applications being submitted for this project, instructions of where and how to submit your feedback, and examples of some prepared responses.

Below are links to some informative guides that describe the environmental review process as well as some tips on how to have better success and influence when providing comments on development projects:

Quick Reference-Environmental Assessment Worksheet | A Citizen’s Guide: Commenting on Environmental Review Projects | A Citizen’s Guide to Influencing Local Land-Use Decisions

Environmental Review Process (EAW / EIS)

Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners

Status (as of 06/01/2018):
OTC Board of Commissioners rule EIS is needed;
scoping costs estimated to be $29,595.
OTC waiting for developer to pay scoping costs.

Public Comment Period (EIS Scoping):
Date:  To be determined.

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Federal Permit (Trust Land)

US Army Corps of Engineers

Status (as of 06/01/2018):
USACE requested add'l info from developer in November 2017 and is waiting for a response. Correspondence via FOIA | Decision is pending.

30-Day Public Comment Period:
October 28, 2016 - End Date:  November 28, 2016
Public Comments:  Document 1 and Document 2

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Limited Area Star Lake Comprehensive Plan

Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners

Status: (as of 01/04/2017)
Final version of the Limited Area Star Lake Comprehensive Plan (LASLCP) has been posted on the Otter Tail County website. For more info, see:
Link to OTC website | Link to 160 page PDF

Public Comment Period:
Comment Period - closed as of 09/28/2016

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Conditional Use Permit Application

Otter Tail County Planning Commission

Status: (as of 09/26/2016)
Construction of parking lot and storm water catch basins on the fee land. Tabled with conditions pending the completion of the environmental review.

30-Day Public Comment Period:
Start Date: 08/31/2016
End Date: Ongoing

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WCA Wetland Replacement Application

Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners

Status: (as of 08/01/2016)
WCA Application to replace wetlands lost on Star Lake with wetlands in Becker and Roseau counties is tabled pending the environmental review process.

30-Day Public Comment Period:
Start Date: 06/22/2016
End Date: 07/29/2016

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